Friday, October 9, 2009

Loan Modification - What to Write in Your Financial Hardship Letter

The following is a sample letter to help you request Loan Modifications.

34 Charlie Brown Lane
New York, New York 11111
Email address
Phone number
August 5, 2009

Dear Financial Institution,

I am requesting an appointment with a loan consolidation officer. My wife and I would like to participate in the Loan Modification program. We are struggling financially, and see this an opportunity to not lose our home to foreclosure.

We would like to express our need for help with our mortgage. Both my wife and I have lost wages, through cut hours, cut wages per hour, and loss of benefits. We are struggling to pay our mortgage, pay our bills, and feed our children. As you can see prior to our jobs cutting hours, we paid our house payments and bills on time every month. We would like to get back on track financially.

We have gathered our bills together, and made a new household budget, which we would be happy to show you. We are trying to keep our home by cutting every expense possible. We will bring our old tax filings, and our current pay checks or 1040 forms to prove that we have a difference in our incomes. We will also bring our bills, credit cards, outstanding bills due, and our new monthly budget when we come to meet with you, if there is any other documentation that we need please let us know, and we will gather it to bring also.

We appreciate the opportunity to meet with a financial adviser, and discuss our financial problems. We look forward to any assistance with loan modification, loan consolidation, or other financial services available to us at this time. We are eager to work with you, so that we can keep our home from foreclosure, and not go into bankruptcy. We look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Mr. Snoopy

If you follow this letter's format and replace your personal information within the heading and text, you will be one your way to consolidating your loan easily.

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