Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Free Online Computer Games Where Dogs Are the Characters

Free games with dogs as the main characters are now available for those of you who like to play games and who doesn't? And you can play as many as you want - up to 100 - for free and then you need to sign up for a membership - also without and you can play for as long as you want.

With gaming online there is something for everyone in the house, young and old alike will want to play these free games online. There is the card memory game for the smaller children, in which you turn over a card to find Snoopy dressed in some funny costume and then try to find his matching card; or there is the Pac man dog version where the Pac man is replaced with a dogs head and the 'monsters' are replaced with cat heads. The 'energy pills' have been replaced with dog bones and you still get the same feel of the traditional game, you chase the cat heads around the long-established Pac man game board, and the monsters chase you and when you eat the 'bones' you get enough energy to turn the cats blue in the face and by eating the cats, you get bonus points. A lot of these free games online are the same as they have always been, only with a dog in the title role or as the hero!

Usually in these other computer games, the cat plays the villain, however, there is one game in which the cat and dog work together to get presents for a party. Licorice, the kitten, and Coco, the puppy, have to jump over rocks and up onto fences to collect pretty packages and heart shaped 'energy' before they can attend a party. This cute game would be suitable for the smaller children in the house who want to play free games online. It would be a great game to play with your children and watch there faces light up when they capture some hearts and grow stronger!

There are more game playing that is geared for a more adult audience, although this site does not have any violent or adult only content, this is a family friendly site and enough fun for everyone to enjoy. It's the skill level that deems them adult play or child's play. Some of the harder games to play would be the Scooby Doo and gang games in which Scooby Doo must search for food - what else? And a few battle ship style games in which you must dodge flying 'dog missals' or you will be destroyed.

One of the most popular adult style venues, although teens and children would probably play it as well and it's maturity level is very low, is the dog farting game in which you click your mouse over the dog and it farts on things to make them turn away, get sick or die. According to the game counter, this game has been played more than any other game on the site.

Kellie Rainwater - EzineArticles Expert Author