Friday, August 21, 2009

Here is Your Zip Utility Solution

Have you ever downloaded a file off the Internet only to discover you cannot open that file. It's in a format extension like .tar, .gzip or some crazy format you have never seen. And like I mentioned, of course you can't get the file open.

Very frustrating isn't it?

This is why file compression / file archiver software has been developed. It is a professional solution to your situation.

But it gets better too! file squasher software not only allows you to open someone else's files, it allows you to share your files with others. It is simple, fast and easy to use!

Plus, if you are one who creates videos, audio's or large test files for clients...this file archive software is the answer to your pressing needs with delivering those large files. No longer will you need to send one file at a time.

All you simply need to do is browse to the folder you want to share and with one click simply compress one folder filled with files down into 1 single file to be shared. Like I mentioned, large audio's and videos produced for a client can be compressed into one manageable file for anyone to access.

Save time, save frustration and make life easier. You should also make sure that the solution you decide upon is guaranteed not to have any Adware or Spyware! There are some archive software packages currently available for free, however they install all sorts of other software that spies on you. Unless you want someone to find out all your personal details you must stay away from this type of software.

Most of the files you will be compressing will contain some for of sensitive data. A special photo, a memorable movie, credit card details, bank logins, passwords etc. This is why you must ensure that you data is safe and secure, and also the files you compress and are about to share.

Another very important function for file archive software is the ability to password protect sensitive files. This stops prying eyes from snoopy co-workers or even family from viewing this sometimes personal information.

When you have 939,956 people to date using FileSquasher you know it is a great and secure solution to sharing your large files with family and friends.

Imagine an archive software program that can deal with all the different file formats in 2 simple steps. Click on the file and unpack it.

FileSquasher is Ideal for emailing large files, you simply pack multiple files together to save space.
Easily create Smaller Files. Some files can be squashed to 50% of their original size.
Imagine only having to pay once, no yearly renewals, no costly upgrades. This has not existed until now...

All the best,
John Neumann
Head Editor
File Squasher

Now you have a choice as FileSquasher unpacks them all.

PS - Sharing large files just became much easier! No more reason to wait, send grandma those photos of the grand kids Today!